Converter lockup clutch valve CLCV

(Fig. 5.39) The converter lock-up clutch valve 'CLCV' is actuated with the converter pressure control valve 'CPCV' by the electronic pressure regulation valve 'EPRV-4'. The converter lock-up clutch valve 'CLCV' when actuated changes the direction of input flow at reduced system pressure from the drive-plate to the turbine wheel side of the lock-up clutch. Simultaneously the converter pressure valve 'CPV' is actuated, this shifts the valve so that the space between the drive-plate and lock-up clutch face is vented. As a result the lock-up clutch is forced hard against the drive-plate thus locking out the torque converter function and replacing it with direct mechanical drive via the lock-up clutch.

Lubrication pressure valve (LPV) (Fig. 5.39) The lubrication pressure valve 'LPV' supplies fluid lubricant at a suitable reduced system pressure to the internal rubbing parts of the transmission gear train.

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