831Tyre construction

The construction of the tyre consists basically of a carcass, inner beads, side walls, crown belt (radials) and tread.

Carcass The carcass is made from layers of textile core plies. Cross-ply tyres tend to still use nylon whereas radial-ply tyres use either raylon or polyester.

Beads The inside diameter of both tyre walls support the carcass and seat on the wheel rim. The edges of the tyre contacting the wheel are known as beads and moulded inside each bead is a strengthening endless steel wire cord.

Side walls The outside of the tyre carcass, known as the side walls, is covered with rubber compound. Side walls need to be very flexible and capable of protecting the carcass from external damage such as cuts which can occur when the tyre is made to climb up a kerb.

Bracing belt Between the carcass and tyre tread is a crown reinforcement belt made from either synthetic fabric cord such as raylon or for greater strength steel cores. This circumferential endless cord belt provides the rigidity to the tread rubber.

Tread The outside circumferential crown portion of the tyre is known as the tread. It is made from a hard wearing rubber compound whose function is to grip the contour of the road.

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