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55..1. Automatic transmission .consideration

5.2 Four speed and reverse longitudinally mounted automatic transmission mechanical.power flow

5.3 The fundamentals. of. a. h.ydrauJic.contrQl system

5.4 Basic principle of a.hy.dtaulically. .controlled. gearshift

5.5 .Basic .four .s.p.e.ed. .h.ydrau.lic.control system

5.6 Three speed and reverse transaxle automatic transmission mechanical power flow

5.7 Hydraulic.gear. selection. .control. components 5.8.H.ydraulic.gear.selectiQn. controlioperation

5.9 The continuously variable .belt and .pulJey.transmission

5.10 Five speed automatic transmission with electronic-hy.draul.ic control

5.11 Semi-automatic (manual gear change two pedal control) transmission system

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