585Fluid flow in drive range third gear

As for drive range - first and second gears, the main regulator valve and throttle pressure valve perform as for neutral and park.

The manual selector valve will still be in D position so that line pressure is directed to both 1-2 and

. 5.24 Three speed automatic transmission hydraulic control system in neutral position

2-3 shift valves and to the forward clutch piston which clamps the friction clutch plates.

Increased governor pressure acting on the 2-3 governor plug moves the adjacent 2-3 shift valve over. This allows line pressure to flow around the wasted region of the shift valve to the 3-2 kick-down valve and from there to the second gear band servo spring chamber side (release) of the piston. Simultaneously, line pressure passes from the 2-3 shift valve through the right hand ball valve orifice for direct and reverse clutch to the direct and reverse clutch piston which is accordingly engaged.

The main pressure regulating valve will be subjected to full line pressure acting on its left hand end so that line pressure reduction will be as in drive range — second gear.

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