57 Hydraulic gear selection control components

(Three speed and reverse transaxle automatic transmission)

An explanation of how the hydraulic control system is able to receive pressure signals which correspond to vehicle speed, engine load and the driver's requirements, and how this information produces the correct up or down gear shift through the action of the control system's various plunger (spool) valves will now be considered by initially explaining the function of each component making up the control system.

A list of key components and abbreviations used in the description of the hydraulic control system is as follows:

1 Manual valve MV

2 Kickdown valve KDV

3 Throttle pressure valve TPV

4 Valve for first gear manual V(1G)MR range

5 1-2 shift valve

6 1-2 governor plug

7 Throttle pressure limiting valve

8 Main pressure limiting valve

9 Main pressure regulating valve

10 Valve for first and reverse gear brake

11 Converter pressure valve

12 Soft engagement valve

13 2-3 shift valve

14 2-3 governor plug

15 Valve for direct and reverse clutch

16 3-2 control valve

17 3-2 kickdown valve

18 Governor valve

19 Forward clutch piston

20 Oil pump

21 Converter check valve

22 Second gear band servo

23 Accumulator

24 Forward clutch piston

25 Direct and reverse clutch piston

26 First and reverse brake piston

27 One way clutch

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