5101 Automatic transmission gear train system Fig 530

This five speed automatic transmission system is broadly based on a ZF design. Power is supplied though a hydrodynamic three element torque converter incorporating an integral disc type lock-up clutch. The power drive is then directed though a Ravigneaux type dual planetary gear train which provides five forward gears and one reverse gear; it then passes to the output side via a second stage single planetary gear train. The Ravigneaux planetary gear train has both large and small input sun gears, the large sun gears mesh with three long planet gears whereas the small sun gears mesh with three short planet gears; both the long and the short planet gears are supported on a single gear carrier. A single ring-gear meshing with the short planet gear forms the output side of the planetary gear train. Individual gear ratios are selected by applying the input torque to either the pinion carrier or one of the sun gears and holding various other members stationary.

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