48 Polyphase hydrokinetic torque converter

The object of the polyphase converter is to extend the high efficiency speed range (Fig. 4.20) of the simple three element converter by altering the vane or blade shapes of one element. Normally the stator is chosen as the fluid entrance direction changes with increased turbine speed. To achieve this, the stator is divided into a number of separate parts, in this case three, each one being mounted on its own freewheel device built into its hub (Fig. 4.19). The turbine exit and linear velocities VE and VL produce an effective resultant velocity VR which changes its direction of entry between stator blades as the impeller and turbine relative speeds

Fig. 4.17 Multistage (six element) torque converter

approach unity. It is this direction of fluid entering between the stator blades which in phases releases the various stator members.

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