2lliLction clutch

22..1.!Cllut.c^rr .fundamentals

2.2 Angular driven plate cushioning. an.d. .torslonal.damping

2.4 GLitch.drive.and.driven .m€=iii^l:l€llr.lnspection

2..5 .Clutch. m isalignment

2i6.Pull .ty.p.e .diaphragm clutch

2..7. .M.ultlplate.dlaphragm.type clutch

2..8. .Lipe. r.o.llway. .twin.driv.en .plate clutch

2.9 Spicer twin driven plate .angle. .spring. pull.ty.pe clutch

2..1Q .Clutch..upshift) brake

2.11 Multiplate hydraulically operated automatic transmission .clutches

2..1.2 .Semicentrlfugal clutch

2.1.3 .Fully. automatic.centrifugal clutch

2i 144. Clutch. pe.dall.acruaring .mechanisms

2.15 Composite flywheel and integral single plate .di.aph.ragm clutch

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