212Driven plate transmitted torque capacity

The torque capacity of a friction clutch can be raised by increasing the coefficient of friction of the rubbing materials, the diameter and/or the spring thrust sandwiching the driven plate. The friction lining materials now available limit the coefficient of friction to something of the order of 0.35. There are materials which have higher coefficient of friction values, but these tend to be unstable and to snatch during take-up. Increasing the diameter of the driven plate unfortunately raises its inertia, its tendency to continue spinning when the driven plate is freed while the clutch is in the disengaged position, and there is also a limit to the clamping pressure to which the friction lining material may be subjected if it is to maintain its friction properties over a long period of time.

2.1.3 Multi-pairs of rubbing surfaces (Fig. 2.1) An alternative approach to raising the transmitted torque capacity of the clutch is to increase the number of pairs of rubbing surfaces. Theoretically the torque capacity of a clutch is directly proportional to the number of pairs of surfaces for a given clamping load. Thus the conventional single driven plate has two pairs of friction faces so that a twin or triple driven plate clutch for the same spring thrust would ideally have twice or three times the torque transmitting capacity respectively of that of the single driven plate unit (Fig. 2.1). However, because it is very difficult to dissipate the extra heat generated in a clutch unit, a larger safety factor is necessary per driven plate so that the torque capacity is generally only of the order 80% per pair of surfaces relative to the single driven plate clutch.

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