129Subframe to body mountings

One of many problems with integral body design is the prevention of vibrations induced by the engine, transmission and road wheels from being transmitted through the structure. Some manufacturers adopt a subframe (Fig. l .6(a, b and c)) attached by resilient mountings (Fig. l.l9(a and b)) to the body to which the suspension assemblies, and in some instances the engine and transmission, are attached. The mass of the subframes alone helps to damp vibrations. It also simplifies production on the assembly line, and facilitates subsequent overhaul or repairs.

In general, the mountings are positioned so that they allow strictly limited movement of the subframe in some directions but provide greater freedom in others. For instance, too much lateral freedom of a subframe for a front suspension assembly would introduce a degree of instability into the steering, whereas some freedom in vertical and longitudinal directions would improve the quality of a ride.

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