1210Types of rubber flexible mountings

A survey of typical rubber mountings used for power units, transmissions, cabs and subframes are described and illustrated as follows:

Double shear paired sandwich mounting (Fig. l.l8(a)) Rubber blocks are bonded between the jaws of a 'U' shaped steel plate and a flat interleaf plate so that a double shear elastic reaction takes place when the mount is subjected to vertical loading. This type of shear mounting provides a large degree of flexibility in the upright direction and thus rotational freedom for the engine unit about its principal axis. It has been adopted for both engine and transmission suspension mounting points for medium-sized diesel engines.

Double inclined wedge mounting (Fig. l.l8(b)) The inclined wedge angle pushes the bonded rubber blocks downwards and outwards against the bent-up sides of the lower steel plate when loaded in the vertical plane. The rubber blocks are subjected to both shear and compressive loads and the proportion of compressive to shear load becomes greater with vertical deflection. This form of mounting is suitable for single point gearbox supports.

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