1072 Nondrive rear suspension

The non-drive (dead) rear axle does not have the drawback of a large unsprung weight and it has the merit of maintaining both wheels parallel at all times. There is still the unwanted interconnection between the wheels so that when one wheel is raised off the ground the axle tilts and both wheels become cambered.

The basic function of a rear non-drive rear suspension linkage is to provide a vertical up and down motion of the axle relative to the body as the springs deflect and at the same time prevent longitudinal and lateral axle misalignment due to braking thrust, crosswinds or centrifugal side force.

Five link coil spring leading and trailing arm Watt linkage and Panhard rod non-drive axle rear suspension (Fig. 10.46) One successful rigid axle beam and coil spring rear suspension linkage has incorporated a Watt linkage parallel to each wheel to control the axle in the fore and aft direction (Fig. 10.46). A transversely located Panhard rod connected between the axle and body structure is also included to restrict lateral body movement when it is subjected to side thrust.

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