10124Progressive taper leaf helper springs Fig 1084d

Under light loads a small amount of progressive spring stiffening occurs as the rear end of the main taper leaf rolls from the rearmost to the frontmost position on the curved face of the slipper block, thereby reducing the effective spring length. The progressive action of the lower helper leaf is caused by the normally upward curved main taper leaf flexing and flattening out as heavier loads are imposed on the axle. The consequences are that the main spring lower face contact with the upper face of the helper leaf gradually spreads outwards and therefore provides additional and progressive support to the main taper leaf.

The torque rod is provided to transmit the driving force to the chassis and also forms the cranked arms of an anti-roll bar in some designs.

This progressive spring stiffening arrangement is particularly suitable for tractor unit rear suspension where the rates of loaded to unloaded weight is large.

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