load on the components which improve service life, particularly where combustion bowl designs have thin surface sections.


New bond coat for TBC on A1-alloys: The present trend in diesel engine technology is toward increasing engine ratings, reducing fuel consumption and burning low cost fuels. Today the manufacturers of engines are also evaluating light weight metals for use in various engine components. The aluminium (silumin) piston which worked so well in the past, has new been pushed to its material limits by the higher operating temperatures and loadings.

A thermal barrier coating on the piston crown is one approach toward maintaining proper operation of the aluminium piston.

This study concentrates mainly on the production of ceramic coatings thicker than 1 mm on a silumin (Al-12% Si) piston.

A standardized thermal shock test program has been used to evaluate the new RST bond coating. The cycles consist of a flame of 1100°C directed at the center of a coated sample. The heating time is 15 seconds. The next steps were water spraying (15 seconds) area then drying by blowing air. The thermal shock rig is schematically presented in Fig. 9.

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