Past literature reviews have revealed the potential of several coating systems. This review identified three coating processes which will be used in this work. These processes are:

* Plasma spraying

* Chemical and physical vapor deposition (CVD-PVD)

* Enameling

Each of these processes have inherent advantages which are summarized in Table 5. Each process will be investigated for its ability to produce adherent coatings.

coatino processes to se used to produce candidate coatino systems


criteria fob selection

plasma spraying

production process for piston rings able to spray wide range of materials candidate coatings identified previous work in laser fusion

chemical and physical vapor deposition

proven coatings for cutting tools candidate coating identified new surface pretreatments hold promise for further advancements


low cost coating process excellent adherence low friction of glasses ability to "load" with hard particles prove coating for oxidation resistance in oas turbines

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