Plasma excitation approaches

Thin films of the diamond form of carbon can be synthesized from simple carbon containing gaseous species by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). PECVD utilizes various enhancement modes - RF and microwave plasma, DC discharge, hot filament, ion bombardment - for producing excited states of the reactants. Figure 1 shows, in schematic form, the most commonly utilized approaches. The relative merits of the approaches are not well established. A brief discussion of the current understanding of the particular attributes and drawbacks of the three approaches are as follows:

The use of microwaves for plasma excitation is by far the most common method of achieving the necessary conditions for the synthesis of diamond films. The attractions of this approach include the ability to obtain relative high growth rates ( of the order

Table 2. Thermal conductivity of Diamond and selected materials ( Units : W/cm8 K)

Natural Diamond

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