Cast, Crushed Fused

0.00%Mn(0.0-0.2) 0.14%Ti(0.0-0.0) 1.95%Hf(0.0-1.3) 9 .24%Y (4 . 9-8.5)

0.1% Si 0.2% Ti 6.4% Y

To test the TBCs thermal cycling properties, the coatings were cycled in a C-M, Inc., Rapid-Temp Furnace (Model 1700S-DBL). This furnace is bottom loading, microprocessor controlled, and capable of automatically testing 15 run conditions simultaneously. The samples were run in an air environment through cycles consisting of a 10 minute heat up to 1093'C, a 40 minute soak at 1093*C and then a 10 minute forced air cooling cycle to approximately 204*C. A specimen was considered failed when 10% of the coating had been lost, but the exposure was continued until 30% of the coating was lost in order to fully observe the transformations which took place during cycling. The failed samples

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