Dynamic Contact of Ceramics

K. F. Dufrane, Battelle Columbus IV-103

Upper Cylinder Wear Simulation in Heavy Duty Diesel Engines

R.J. Slone, Cummins Engine Company, Inc., and D.J. Patterson,

K. Morrison, & G. Schwartz, University of Michigan IV-109

A Computerized Tribology Information System: ACTIS

S. Danyluk, S.M. Hsu, & S. Jahanmir, National Bureau of Standards IV-119

Session V: Coating Equipment and Emerging Technology

Keynote Paper: Plasma Spray Processing and Equipment Requirements for Thermal Barrier Coatings in Advanced Heat Engines

R.J. Hecht, Pratt and Whitney V-l Cathodic Arc Deposition, Materials & Systems

Diamond Thin Films by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition - The Emerging Technology for Hard Coatings

K.V. Ravi, Crystallume V-15 Ion-Beam Assisted Coating Deposition

F.A. Smidt, Naval Research Laboratory V-29 Improved Wear Surfaces by Ion Implantation

J. Lankford, Southwest Research Institute V-35

Influence of Raw Materials on the Performance Characteristics of Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coatings

D. Rigney, General Electric V-45 Coatings for High Temperature Bearings and Seals

H.E. Sliney, NASA Lewis Research Center V-61

Session VI: Hot Corrosion, Combustion, and Emissions

Keynote Paper: Low Quality Fuel Problems with Advanced Engine Materials R. Jones, Naval Research Laboratory VI-1

The Effect of Insulated Diesel Surfaces on Performance, Emissions, and Combustion

D. Dickey, S. Vineyard, T. Callahan, Southwest Research Institute and R. Keribar, Integral Technologies, Inc. VI-9

Environmental Effects on Engine Ceramics

N.L. Hecht, G.A. Graves, & D.E. McCullum, University of Dayton VI-19 Protective Oxides Formed on CoCrAlY Coatings

L.F. Aprigliano, U.S.N. David Taylor Research Center VI-45


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