DOE/NASA through contract DEN 3-331 at Cummins Engine Company, Inc. is sponsoring the development of thick thermal barrier coatings for in-cylinder insulation in heavy duty diesel engines. Major goals of this program are to demonstrate the reliability and performance advantages of thick thermal barrier coatings with a thermal conductance of 410 W/m2 K (0.5 BTU/hr in2 °F) for a minimum of 100 hours in a Cummins single cylinder V-903 engine. This engine is a four-stroke cycle configuration representative of diesel engines in use in heavy duty (Class 8 trucks).

The program has three major tasks: Task 1 - Analysis and Design Task 2 - Bench Test and

Evaluation Task 3 - Single Cylinder Engine Tests

This paper presents results to date on the Task 1 and Task 2 efforts which include stresses in the thermal barrier coatings and bench tests.

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