Figure 2. Example of Database Format of Physical and Chemical Properties of Metals and Ceramics


Viscosity /Temperature Prop. (Viscosity Index) --

Viscosity Pressure Coeff. measured or Predicted - give Prediction Method)

Specific Gravity 60/60"F ____

Boiling Point (BP) or BP Range by Gas Chromatography -

Carbon Residue (state Test used) ____

Paraffin, Naphtlne, Aromatic, Polars __

Polymeric VI Improver_____

Thermal Stability (state Test Method) ___

Oxidation Stability (state Test Method) __

Lubricity Stability (state Test Method) ___

Figure 3. Example of Database Format of Lubricant Property Data

Phase I (Government Sponsored)

* development of a prototype PC based stand-alone system

*- Funds from the sale of PC disks

(Government Sponsored) Phase II

* development of minicomputer gateway system

Funds from the sale of PC disks and link-up to gateway

Phase III (ACTIS, Inc.

Figure 4. A Schematic Diagram Showing the Development of ACTIS

Gov er unent Steering Ccmittee

S. Jahannlr, NSF

B. Me Corme 11, USAF

Technical Advisory Cnwlttee

E. E. Klaus, Chairoan H. Cheng

F. Ling

H. Peterson

D. Dovson

H. Czichos F. Kennedy B. Hamrock

Industrial Liaison Coaaittee

C. Rove, Chairman

D. Flom D. Hays A. Hughes R. Greshan V. Wedeven

Technical Liaison

ACTIS Technical Prograa

Figure 5. Committee Structure for Phase I of ACTIS

ACTIS Technical Prograa




Ruaerlc Database

Design Database

Year 2 Year 3

Newsletter Bibliographic


Fhmam II

Product and



Figure 6. Technical Prograa Plan for ACTIS

Phase I

Technical Plan




Numeric Database

Design Database

Evaluation Evaluation by by

Researchers Researchers


Prototype System

Figure 7. Phase I Technical Plan

Table 1. Numeric Database Subject Areas and Contributors Subject Area Contributor

Metals and Ceramics Villiam Glaeser, Battelle-Columbus

Lubricants and Additives Richard Fein, Richard Fein Associates

Lubricated Friction and Vear Richard Booser, General Electric Research


William Ruff, National Bureau of Standards Martin Moore, Fulmer Research Institute, UK

Ian Flnnie, University of California -Berkeley

John Schey, University of Waterloo-Canada William Anderson,

Levis Sibley, Tribology Consultants, Inc. Table 2. Members of the ASME/Jolnt Societies Design Task Force

0 0

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