Head Face Valves Exhaust Port

a) Water-cooled/Aftercooled BSHR = 27.0 Btu/bhp-min.




note: Percent energy distributions based on fuel energy input b.) Uncooled/Non-aftercooled/lnsulated BSHR = 12.0 Btu/bhp-min.

Figure 1. Energy Distribution Comparison of Conventional and Adiabatic Diesel Engines.

(2) Exploratory Development

- Tribological Systems

- In-cylinder Components,

(3) Preparation of Single-cylinder Engine,

(4) Single-Cylinder Engine Testing.

The technology developed through this program is being directed toward two specific time requirements: Before 1990 and Beyond 1990. The '┬╗Before 1990" technology developments are intended to supplement the needs of such current engine programs as

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