Future Coatings Development Work At Cummins

Cummins Engine Company has recently been awarded a Department of Energy contract to develop wear resistant ceramic coatings for diesel engine components (Program 86X SA581V).

The objective of this program is to develop advanced wear resistant coatings for in-cylinder components for future, low heat rejection diesel engines. Coatings and substrates (for piston rings and cylinder liners) are to be developed to meet the following requirements.

• Low wear (as measured in laboratory rig tests at ambient and 350°C). Wear coefficients in the range 5 x 10-12 to 5 x 10-11 mm3/mm/N are targeted

• Low friction coefficients when tested under boundary lubricated conditions (target 0.1) and unlubricated conditions (target 0.2) at ambient temperature and 350°C.

• Good thermal shock resistance.

• High adherence and compatibility with the substrate materials up to 650°C.

• High uniformity and reproducibility.

Tables 2 and 3 show the ring and liner materials selected for this program. Two major coatings subcontractors are being utilized: APS Materials. Dayton. Ohio (plasma spray coatings) and Turbine Metal Technology.

Tujiinga. California (diffusion alloying. high velocity thermal sprays and electro-spark deposition).

It is anticipated that the above program will make a significant contribution to component design technology for future highly fuel-efficient, low-emissions heavy duty diesel engines.

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