Fuels Testing

From 1978 through 1982, the primary focus of the program was on the evaluation of emergency type fuels offering promise as substitutes for No. 2 diesel fuel oil. Included within this phase of the program were engine tests using: shale oils, vegetable oils, alcohols, liquefied coal, water emulsions, coal slurries, and off specification petroleum products. Starting in 1983, the program was reoriented toward the identification and testing of fuels offering promise for reducing fuel costs.

These fuels were all derived from petroleum stocks and could be subdivided into two groupings. The first group consisted of heavy oil blends and the second were middle distillates which do not meet the ASTM specification for No.2 diesel fuel oil.

Although some of the heavy oil blends offered potential for reducing fuel costs, economic and operating considerations associated with their use makes them unsuitable for general fleet use at this time. Discussions with major oil refiners identified

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