Four Ball Wear Vs Tcp Vapor Conc

Figure 8

Figure 8

optimum concentration appears to be 0.5 mol percent. Above this concentration, the wear values tend to increase. This increase is believed to be due to excess deposit which traps metal wear debris in the wear zone creating three-body wear. At the point of minimum wear, the deposit rate is estimated to be 2 molecular layers per second on a wear surface that is wiped 30 times a second. Based on the deposit rate at 700°C for 0.016 mol percent TCP in nitrogen, it would be possible to reduce the percent TCP by a factor of 2 to match the estimated deposit rates that produced optimum wear at 375°C.

The size of the wear scar created by the 375°C 10 Kg load with 0.5 percent TCP is of considerable interest since this is what determines lubricant effectiveness. The 10 Kg vapor-lubricated TCP wear scars are compared on Figure 9 with the wear scar of several commonly used liquid lubri-

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