Fig 16 4point Bend Test Fixture

mild steel without a bond coat, then etching away the steel. The free standing ceramic specimens were then tested in 4-point bending to obtain the tensile strength of the coating.

Preliminary bend test data is shown in the next two figures. We are currently in the middle of testing these bend bars. We have plotted the failure stress versus the processing for both powders. Figure 17 shows the compressive strength of the Zircoa and Cerac materials on stainless steel substrates using coating thicknesses of 1.2 and 2.4 mm so we can interpolate results on limited data. Most of this work represents only two data points. We are proposing to do more of this work to better establish bending strength properties.

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Zircoa-48KW Zlrcoa-42KW Zircoa-39KW Corac-1C Cerac-2C Cerac-3C

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