Engine Tests Of One And 1to Mm Thick Zirconia Coatings

Objective: Both engine manufacturers and operators desire internal combustion engines with a low specific fuel consumption and an ability to burn fuel oils with variable guality. They also desire high power density and low weight engines.

This relationship is discussed further under POWDER QUALITIES.

There is general agreement among coating manufacturers or users as to the desired deposition rate. Typical deposition rates that were used for some of the diesel engine parts were 0.012 mm per pass for the metallic bond coat and 0.020 mm per pass for the ceramic coating.

With the advent of a significant usage of the automated thermal spray equipment, it seems that many of the apparently operator-sensitive variations attributed to the operator can be traced to irregularities in either the powder guality used for the coating or the storage and handling methods which are practiced. During the spray operation, the variable associated with the surface preparation is fixed.

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