Emd Diesel Engines

The Electro-Motive Division has, since 1935, supplied more than 35,000 diesel-electric locomotives to the rail industry. The prime movers for these locomotives have all been medium-speed, two stroke cycle diesel engines with eight, twelve, sixteen or twenty cylinders arranged in a 45° V. EMD has produced four different series of engines. The first (201 A) and second (567) series were produced with either six, eight, twelve, and sixteen cylinders. The 201A series engines were produced beginning in the 1930's and are no longer in-service. The 645 series is available in eight, twelve, sixteen, and twenty cylinder models. The most recent model, the 710, is currently available with either twelve or sixteen cylinders. (2)

MrwH^l, 5$7 Diesel Engine The Model 567 EMD diesel engine was manufactured from October 1938 through November 1965 and had a 8.5 inch bore (216 mm) with a 10.0 inch stroke (254 mm). Various models of the 567 engine were produced with compression ratios of 16:1; 20:1; and 14.5:1. Horsepower ratings for the different models ranged from a low of 600 for the 6 cylinder models to a high of 2500. The sixteen cylinder 567 model was available in either a Roots-blown or turbocharged configuration. The six, eight, and twelve cylinder models were available only as Roots-blown. There are a large number of locomotives still being operated by both Class I and Short Line Railroads that are powered by 567 engines.(2)

Model 645 Diesel Engine The Model 645 EMD diesel engine succeeded the 567 model. The engine has a bore of 9.06 inches (230 mm) and a stroke of 10.0 inches (254 mm) for a displacement per cylinder of 645 cubic inches (10,570 cubic cm). The engine is available in eight, twelve, sixteen and twenty cylinder models. Horsepower ratings

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