Bombardieralco Diesel Engines

Alco Products stepped manufacturing locomotives in 1969, although they continued to market the Alco 251 diesel engine. The Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW) purchased Alco's locomotive designs and produced locmotives powered by Alco engines for the Canadian and export markets. Eventually MLW became part of Bombardier, Incorporated who in turn merged with Alco Products. Consequently, today, both MLW and Alco are divisions of Bombardier.

Alco Model 251 Diesel Engine The Alco 251 diesel engine is available in twelve, sixteen, and eighteen cylinder versions. It is a four-stroke cycle engine with a 9 inch bore ( 228.6 mm) and a 10.5 inch stroke ( 266.7 mm). The eighteen cylinder engine develops 4000 horsepower while operating at a speed of 1000 RPM. There are still thousands of locomotives in the United States that are powered by Alco 251 engines. (2)

in 1978, directed the AAR Research and Test Department to establish an Alternative Fuels Research Program. The program was given two objectives: 1) identify fuels that could be used to extend or replace No. 2 diesel fuel oil, and 2) identify fuels having the potential for reducing fuel oil costs.

To meet these objectives, the AAR established a cooperative research program. As part of this program, the AAR joined with Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) to establish a mediumspeed diesel engine test facility in

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