BC21 PVD ceramic

Figure 5 Micrographs of the BC21 and BC21 + PVD ceramic coatings on LM2500 stage 1 blades at the 80% span after engine testing. The BC21 coating was nearly penetrated by Type 2 hot corrosion while the BC21 + PVD ceramic coating had no attack.

Figure 6. Micrograph showing the thin Al depletion zone at the BC21/PVD ceramic interface. No sulfides are present in the depletion zone.
Figure 10 Microstructure of PVD YSZ with PVD NiCoCrAlY bond coat.

Figure 9. Photograph of the convex side near the tip of a BC21 + PVD ceramic coated blade showing evidence of erosion.

Figure 11. Microstructure of PVD CSZ with PVD NiCoCrAlY bond coat.

evidence "of ^sulfur^n^the^RC?? °f ^ ^ + ^ C°ating Showing no evidence ot sulfur in the BC21 depletion zone at the BC2l/ceramic interface.

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