Sputter Rate Standard Preparation Procedures*

A 1000 V anodized tantalum specimen may be prepared in the following manner:

a. "Polish" two .125 mm foils of tantalum by dipping them for up to 1 or 2 seconds in an acid solution (59.0% H2SO4, 17.0% HF, 23.5% HNO3).

b. Pass the samples! through two rinses of deionized H2O.

c. Blow them dry with N2>

d. Using one "polished" foil as an anode and another as a cathode, apply 5.66 V DC between them while they are suspended in an electrolyte (94.3% deionized H2O, 5.7% HNO3). One of these plates is sufficiently anodized when the current drops to zero.

e. Rinse the "gold" anodized specimen in acetone. The "gold" color indicates 1000V of Ta20s.

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