The major reasons coatings are used in internal combustion engines are to enhance corrosion and wear resistance of the engine parts, to reduce the heat load on components, and finally to improve the combustion process.

The major advantages of the Adiabatic Diesel Engine Concept can be summarized as follows:

Modified zirconia coatings on high heat flux components exposed to:

o Improve engine efficiency o Capability of operating on a wider range of fuels o Reduce emissions and lower smoke number o Higher power/volume and higher power/weight ratio

Modified MCrALY and M+MC (M=metal) coatings respectively on corrosion and wear-attacked surfaces have the following effects:

o Improve life time of the components o Reduce friction and wear

This presentation will be focused on three topics:

o Basic Research on zirconia coating systems and activities to improve various properties o Testing and analysis of 2 mm thick zirconia coatings in a medium speed diesel engine o Zirconia coatings on aluminum base alloy engine components

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