The objective of the Department of Energy's Heavy Duty Transport Technology Program is to develop a technology base applicable to advanced low heat rejection diesel engines. The goal is to develop the critical technology required for fuel efficient heavy duty transport engines. The strategy for reaching this goal is to maximize industry involvement, emphasize technology development, rather than product design or demonstration, and concentrate on key technology barriers of a high-risk, long term nature. The program is primarily focused on those engines used in the trucking industry. The approach is to develop the technology required for the engine then demonstrate that technology by running proof-of-concept tests on components in test bed engines. The majority of the development is being conducted through R§D contracts to industry. Emphasis is being placed on high temperature reciprocator components, high temperature emissions and combustion, and effective exhaust heat utilization systems. Future plans call for a continuing effort in the above mentioned areas of technology with emphasis being placed on component development. The paper presents an overview of the program and those aspects of it that involve coating development.

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