Session II: Engine Development Directions

Adiabatic Diesel Engine Development at Ford Motor Company

P.H. Havstad and G.C. DeBell, Research Staff, Ford Motor Company II-l

A Perspective on Low Heat Rejection Diesel Engine Development

K. L. Hoag, Cummins Engine Company I1-9

Analysis of Heat Transfer in LHR Engines: A. Methodology, Validation, Applications; B. Translucence Effects in Ceramics

T. Morel, Integral Technologies, Inc. 11-17 Heavy Duty Transport Technology Program

J. C. Wood, NASA Lewis Research Center 11-29

Candidate Advanced Technology for the Low Heat Rejection Diesel Engine Concept

J. W. Fairbanks, U.S. Department of Energy 11-33

Keynote Paper: Seventeen Years of Thermal Barrier Coatings

G.W. Goward, Turbine Components Corporation III-l

Thick Thermal Barrrier Coatings for Diesel Engines

T.M. Yonushonis, D.P. Roehling, & K.L. Hoag, Cummins Engine Company and R.C. Novak, A.P. Matarese, & R.P. Huston, UTRC III-ll

Thick Thermal Barrier Coatings for Diesel Engine Components

D.I. Biehler, Caterpillar, Inc. 111-19

Durability and Performance Testing of Ceramic Coatings in Towboat Operation

M. F. Winkler, Seaworthy Systems, Inc. II1-29

Electron-Beam Physical Vapor Deposition of Zirconia Coatings

R. Shankar, Chromailoy II1-43

Session III: Thermal Barrier Coating Development

Lessons Learned from NASA's Thermal Barrier Coatings Work R. A. Miller, NASA Lewis Research Center

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