Advanced Ceramic Coatings For Marine Gas Turbine Engines D.J. Wortman & B.A. Nagaraj, Engineering Materials Technology Laboratories, General Electric Aircraft Engines 111-49

Development and Performance of Physical Vapor Deposition Thermal Barrier Coating Systems

T.E. Strangman, Garrett Turbine Engine Company (GTEC), a Unit of Allied-Signal Inc. 111-63

Coatings for Diesel Engines and Associated Problems

I. Kvernes & 0. Noerholm, IK Engineering 111-73

Design Criteria for a Coating to Reduce Contact Stress Damage

V.K. Sarin, GTE Laboratories, Inc. 111-83

Session IV: Applied Tribology

Keynote Paper: High Temperature Tribology - The Challenge of the Adiabatic Diesel Engine

E.E. Klaus, Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering and Fenske Faculty Fellow, Pennsylvania State University IV-1

Wear-Resistant Ceramic Coatings for Diesel Engine Components

C.D. Weiss, Caterpillar, Inc. IV-11

Development of Advanced Diesel Wear Coatings

M.G.S. Naylor, Cummins Engine Company. IV-19 Overview of the DOE-ECUT Tribology Program

F.A. Nichols & A.I. Michaels, Argonne National Laboratory IV-25 Comprehensive Review of Wear Testing

J.E. Kelley & J. J. Stiglich, Wear Technology, Inc. IV-33 Silicon Nitride Ceramic Wear Resistant Machine Elements

J.C. Bentz, Cummins Engine Company IV-49

High Temperature Liquid Lubrication Development Challenge

A.K. Jung, Stauffer Chemical Company & R.J. Slone, Cummins Engine

Company IV-53

Vapor Phase Tribology for Advanced Diesel Engines

E.E. Klaus, J.L. Duda, & G.S. Jeng, Pennsylvania State University, and N. S. Hakim, M.A. Groeneweg, & M.A. Balnaves,

Detroit Diesel Corporation IV-65

Development of Tribological System and Advanced High-Temperature In-Cylinder Components for Advanced High-Temperature Diesel Engines R. Kamo & M. Woods, Adiabatics, Inc., and P. Sutor, Midwest Research


Friction of Piston and Ring Assembly in a Diesel Engine K. Morrison & D.J. Patterson, University of Michigan

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