military propulsion systems over a wide range of power levels and vehicle applications. A general adiabatic engine strategy for the Army is shown in Figure 3. For trucks, adiabatic engine technology finds its way into the Army fleet through commercially driven technology. This commercial technology results from technology transfer to United States industry as a result of Army sponsored research and development, and through Army specifications for its commercial procurements. For combat vehicles in the 500-700 horsepower range, either highly modified or new military designs are utilized. Examples of engines in this range are the M2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle and the future M109 family of howitzer vehicles. Within the class of vehicles directed to future versions of main battle tanks (i.e., approximately 1500 hp and -above), an all new military design is permitted and more radical adaptations of technology for performance enhancements are pursued. As an example, this technology is being pursued within the Advanced Integrated Propulsion System (AIPS) for the Army's next generation of main battle tanks.

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