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Bare | Cr | Tim Co

Bare I Cr | Tim | Co 1 Ni

Partially Stablllied Zirconia

1 lot-Pressed Silicon Hltrtdes

and wear behavior by ion beam mixing appear to be Ti-Ni and Co, while Cr and Ni appear to have no effect on the friction and wear behavior >of the ceramic couples. The most promising pin-disk combinations include combinations 1 and 4 involving the Ti-Ni modification of silicon nitride and partially stabilized zirconia, where yp = 0.09, and combination 5 involving cobalt modification of partially stabilized zirconia, where pp = 0.06.

Comparison of the combinations involving the Ti-Ni modification indicate that pin composition may also play a role in the friction and wear behavior of these materials. TiC appears to improve the coefficient of friction of the Ti-Ni modified Sidisk, while the.NiMo-bonded Tie cermet appears to improve that of the Ti-Ni modified zirconia. The latter is also the case for the Co-modified zirconia. However, there was no improvement in the coefficient of friction for either of the Co modified Si3N4 disks.

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