FIGURE 3.48 Shears, moments, and deformations for load at midspan of a fixed-end beam.

FIGURE 3.49 Diagrams for concentrated load on a fixed-end beam.

• The shear at a section is the algebraic sum of all forces on either side of the section.

• The bending moment at a section is the algebraic sum of the moments about the section of all forces and applied moments on either side of the section.

• A maximum bending moment occurs where the shear or slope of the bending-moment diagram is zero.

• Bending moment is zero where the slope of the elastic curve is at maximum or minimum.

• Where there is no distributed load along a span, the shear diagram is a horizontal line. (Shear is a constant, which may be zero.)

• The shear diagram changes sharply at the point of application of a concentrated load.

• The differences between the bending moments at two sections of a beam equals the area under the shear diagram between the two sections.

• The difference between the shears at two sections of a beam equals the area under the distributed load diagram between those sections.

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