329 Calculation Of Reactions In Statically Determinate Systems

For statically determinate systems, reactions can be determined from equilibrium equations [Eq. (3.11) or (3.12)]. For example, in the planar system shown in Fig. 3.66, reactions R1, H1, and R2 can be calculated from the three equilibrium equations. The beam with overhang carries a uniform load of 3 kips/ft over its 40-ft horizontal length, a vertical 60-kip concentrated load at C, and a horizontal 10-kip concentrated load at D. Support A is hinged; it can resist vertical and horizontal forces. Support B, 30 ft away, is on rollers; it can resist only vertical force. Dimensions of the member cross sections are assumed to be small relative to the spans.

Only support A can resist horizontal loads. Since the sum of the horizontal forces must equal zero and there is a 10-kip horizontal load at D, the horizontal component of the reaction at A is H1 = 10 kips.

The vertical reaction at A can be computed by setting the sum of the moments of all forces about B equal to zero:

from which R1 = 68 kips. Similarly, the reaction at B can be found by setting the sum of the moments about A of all forces equal to zero:

from which R2 = 112 kips. Alternatively, equilibrium of vertical forces can be used to obtain R2, given R1 = 68:

R2 + R1 - 3 x 40 - 60 = 0 Solution of this equation also yields R2 = 112 kips.

Renewable Energy 101

Renewable Energy 101

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