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SECTION I Structural Analysis

1 Structural Fundamentals Eric M. Lui 1-1

2 Structural Analysis J. Y. Richard Liew and N. E. Shanmugam 2-1

3 Structural Dynamics Franklin Y. Cheng 3-1

SECTION II Structural Design

4 Steel Structures Eric M. Lui 4-1

5 Steel Frame Design Using Advanced Analysis S. E. Kim and

Wai-Fah Chen 5-1

6 Cold-Formed Steel Structures Wei-Wen Yu 6-1

7 Reinforced Concrete Structures Austin Pan 7-1

8 Prestressed Concrete Edward G. Nawy 8-1

9 Masonry Structures Richard E. Klingner 9-1

10 Timber Structures J. Daniel Dolan 10-1

11 Aluminum Structures Maurice L. Sharp 11-1

12 Reliability-Based Structural Design Achintya Haldar 12-1

13 Structure Configuration Based on Wind Engineering

Yoshinobu Kubo 13-1

SECTION III Structural Design Using High-Performance Materials

14 High-Performance Steel Eric M. Lui 14-1

15 High-Performance Concrete Zongjin Li and Yunsheng Zhang 15-1

16 Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites Lawrence C. Bank 16-1

SECTION IV Earthquake Engineering and Design

17 Fundamentals of Earthquake Engineering Charles Scawthorn 17-1

18 Earthquake Damage to Structures Mark Yashinsky 18-1

19 Seismic Design of Buildings Ronald O. Hamburger and

Charles Scawthorn 19-1

20 Seismic Design of Bridges Lian Duan, Mark Reno, Wai-Fah Chen, and Shigeki Unjoh 20-1

21 Performance-Based Seismic Design and Evaluation of Building Structures

Sashi K. Kunnath 21-1

SECTION V Special Structures

22 Multistory Frame Structures J. Y. Richard Liew and T. Balendra 22-1

23 Semirigid Frame Structures Lei Xu 23-1

24 Space Frame Structures Tien T. Lan 24-1

25 Bridge Structures Shouji Toma, Lian Duan, and Wai-Fah Chen 25-1

26 Cable-Supported Bridges Manabu Ito 26-1

27 Cooling Tower Structures Phillip L. Gould and

Wilfried B. Kratzig 27-1

28 Tunnel Structures Christian Ingerslev, Brian Brenner,

Jaw-Nan Wang, Phil Rice, and Birger Schmidt 28-1

29 Glass Structures A. K. W. So, Andy Lee, and Siu-Lai Chan 29-1

SECTION VI Special Topics

30 Welded Tubular Connections — CHS Trusses Peter W. Marshall 30-1

31 Effective Length Factors of Compression Members Lian Duan and

Wai-Fah Chen 31-1

32 Structural Bracing Brian Chen and Joseph Yura 32-1

33 Stub Girder Floor Systems Reidar Bjorhovde 33-1

34 Fatigue and Fracture Robert J. Dexter 34-1

35 Passive Energy Dissipation and Active Control

36 Life Cycle Evaluation and Condition Assessment of Structures

Allen C. Estes and Dan M. Frangopol 36-1

37 Structural Design for Fire Safety Yong C. Wang 37-1

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