Note that wu is the full, not half, factored floor load per unit area. The clear span In is measured from face of column to face of column. The static moment is the absolute sum of the positive midspan moment plus the average negative moment in each span (see Figure 7.14).

The next steps of the Direct Design Method involve procedures for distributing the static moment M0 into the positive (midspan) and negative moment (end span) regions, and then on to the column and middle strips. The distribution procedures are approximate and reflect the relative stiffnesses of the frame components (Table 7.9). Distribution of Static Moment to Positive and Negative Moment Regions

The assignment of the total factored static moment M0 to the negative and positive moment regions is given in Figure 7.14. For interior spans, 0.65M0 is assigned to each negative moment region and 0.35M0




FIGURE 7.14 Static moment in floor panel.

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