Determine the nominal moment for lateral-torsional buckling strength for the I-beam used in Example 6.2. Assume that the beam is braced laterally at both ends and midspan. Use Fy = 50 ksi.


Calculation of sectional properties

Based on the dimensions given in Example 6.2 (Figure 6.19 and Figure 6.20), the moment of inertia, Ix, and the section modulus, Sf, of the full-section can be computed as shown in the following table:

calculate Fe:


Distance from mid-depth, y (in.)

Flanges Corners Webs


4(1.6775)(0.135) = 0.9059 4(0.05407) = 0.2163 2(7.355)(0.135) = 1.9859

0 0

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