Using LRFD, select a double-channel tension member shown in Figure 4.4a to carry a dead load D of 40 kip and a live load L of 100 kip. The member is 15 ft long. Six 1-in. diameter A325 bolts in standard size holes are used to connect the member to a |-in. gusset plate. Use A36 steel (Fy = 36 ksi, Fu = 58 ksi) for all the connected parts.

Load combinations: From Table 4.3, the applicable load combinations are

1.4D = 1.4(40) = 56 kip 1.2D + 1.6L = 1.2(40) + 1.6(100) = 208 kip

The design of the tension member is to be based on the larger of the two, that is, 208 kip and so each channel is expected to carry 104 kip.

Most probable fracture path

Most probable fracture path

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