Example 3618

A bridge engineer is attempting to update the life cycle maintenance plans for the managed highway bridges. When the bridges were designed, the girders were scheduled for replacement based on the reliability after a specific degree of corrosion deterioration. There is neither time nor money to perform a specific inspection on every bridge, but the records of the mandated biennial visual inspections are available. The State DOT has implemented the PONTIS Bridge Management System (PONTIS 1995), which assigns specialized condition ratings to virtually all bridge components. One of the components is Element 107 (Painted Open Steel Girders) which is classified into one of five condition states as shown in Table 36.5 (CDOT 1995; Estes and Frangopol 2003). The word description is a bit vague, so the bridge manager interviews the expert inspectors and further quantifies the definitions of the condition states (CSs) as shown in the last two columns of Table 36.5.

TABLE 36.5 CDOT (1995) Suggested Condition State (CS) Ratings for Element 107: Painted Open Steel Girders (First Three Columns) plus Necessary Revisions (Last Two Columns) to Update Reliability

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