58441E x mm3 + 36767E x mm3

DFef = 1 - 0.614 = 0.386 End moments of the beams under the gravity load:

Following the procedure for the modified moment distribution method, the detailed moment distribution process is shown in Table 23.6 and the final moment distribution of the frame under the gravity loads is shown in Figure 23.11. It can be seen from Figure 23.11 that the bending moment is not distributed symmetrically due to the differences in connection stiffness between the two bays. The maximum span moment for beam BC is located 4.01 m from joint B with a value of 296.25 kN m, while the maximum span for beam CE is located 4.51 m from joint C with a value of 309.10 kN m. The axial loads in the columns are found as

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