Step 5: Check of serviceability. The lateral displacement at roof level corresponding to 1.0W is computed as 0.51 in. from the computer output P.OUT2. The drift ratio is 1/565, which satisfies the limitation 1/400. The preliminary member sizes are satisfactory. Comparison of Results

The member sizes by the advanced analysis and the LRFD method are compared in Figure 5.46. The beam members are one size larger in the advanced analysis method, and the interior columns are one size smaller.

TABLE 5.10 Input Data, CONN .DAT, of Connection for (a) Roof Beam and (b) Floor Beam

(b) Floor beam

TABLE 5.11 Input Data, P.DAT, of the Four-Bay, Two-Story Semirigid Frame: (a) Load Case 1 and (b) Load Case 2

(a) Four-bay two-story semi-rigid frame (Load case i)

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