67 Connections and Joints

Welds, bolts, screws, rivets, and other special devices such as metal stitching and adhesives are generally used for cold-formed steel connections. The AISI Specification contains only the design provisions for welded connections, bolted connections, and screw connections. These design equations are based primarily on the experimental data obtained from extensive test programs.

6.7.1 Welded Connections

Welds used for cold-formed steel constructions may be classified as arc welds (or fusion welds) and resistance welds. Arc welding is usually used for connecting cold-formed steel members to each other as well as connecting such thin members to heavy, hot-rolled steel framing members. It is used for groove welds, arc spot welds, arc seam welds, fillet welds, and flare groove welds (Figures 6.32 to 6.36). The AISI design provisions for welded connections are applicable only for cold-formed steel structural members, in which the thickness of the thinnest connected part is 0.18 in. (4.57 mm) or less. Otherwise, when the thickness of connected parts is thicker than 0.18 in. (4.57 mm), the welded connection should be designed according to the AISC Specifications [42,43]. Additional design information on structural welding of sheet steels can also be found in the AWS Code [44].

FIGURE 6.32 Groove welds.

FIGURE 6.32 Groove welds.

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