3349 Floor Beam Connections to Slab and Bottom Chord

In the Vierendeel model, the floor beam is represented as a pinned-end compression member. It is designed using a K-factor of 1.0, and the floor beam web by itself is almost always sufficient to take the axial load. However, the floor beam must be checked for web crippling and web buckling under shoring conditions.

No shear is transferred from the beam to the slab or the bottom chord. In theory, therefore, any attachment device between the floor beam and the other components should not be needed. However, due to construction stability requirements, as well as the fact that the floor beam usually is designed for composite action normal to the girder, fasteners are needed. In practice, these are not actually designed; rather, one or two stud shear connectors are placed on the top flange of the beam and two high strength bolts attach the lower flange to the bottom chord.

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