334 Design Criteria for Stub Girders 3341 General Observations

In general, the design of the stub girder and its components must consider overall member strength criteria as well as local checks. For most of these, the AISC Specification [3] gives requirements that address the needs.

In several important areas there are no standardized rules that can be used in the design of the stub girder, and the designer must rely on rational engineering judgment to arrive at satisfactory solutions. This applies to the parts of the girder that have to be designed on the basis of computed forces, such as shear connectors, stiffeners, stub-to-chord welds, and slab reinforcement. The modeling and evaluation of the capacity of the central portion of the concrete slab are also subject to interpretation. However, the design recommendations that are given in the following are based on a wide variety of practical and successful applications.

It is again emphasized that the design throughout is based on the stress resultants that have been determined in the Vierendeel or other analysis, rather than on idealized code criteria. However, the capacities of materials and fasteners, as well as the requirements for the stability and strength of tension and compression members, adhere strictly to the AISC design requirements. Any interpretations that have been made are conservative.

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