FIGURE 5.28 Configuration and load condition of Stelmack's two-story semirigid frame.

Herein, the three parameters of the power model are determined by curve fitting and the program 3PARA.f presented in Section 2.2. The three parameters obtained by the curve-fit are Rki = 40,000 k-in./rad, Mu = 220 k-in., and n = 0.91. We obtain three parameters of Rki = 29,855 kip/rad, Mu = 185 k-in, and n = 1.646 with 3PARA.f.

The moment-rotation curves given by experiment and curve fitting show good agreement (Figure 5.30). The parameters given by the Kishi-Chen equations and by experiment show some deviation (Figure 5.30). In spite of this difference, the Kishi-Chen equations, using the computer program 3PARA.f, are a more practical alternative in design since experimental moment-rotation curves are not usually available [30]. In the analysis, the gravity load is first applied and then the lateral load. The lateral displacements given by the proposed methods and by the experimental method compare well (Figure 5.31). The proposed method adequately predicts the behavior and strength of semirigid connections.

W5 X16 column

W5 X16 beam

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