278 Construction

Tolerances for tall concrete cooling tower shells have been debated for many years and reasonable values should take into consideration what is achievable and what is measurable. It should be noted that state-of-the-art finite element models are capable of analyzing the as-built shell as well as the design configuration, so that the effects of those irregularities arising during construction, or even those discovered later, may be quantitatively studied and sometimes corrected.

It is recommended that the actual wall thickness be no less than the design thickness and exceed this thickness by not more than 10%. The imperfections of the shell wall middle surface should not exceed one-half of the wall thickness or 10 cm. Deviations from the design geometry occurring during the construction should be corrected gradually, limiting the angular change in either direction to 1.5%. The column heads should be within 0.005 times the column height or ±6.0 cm of the design position, and

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